• 1 May 2024

The FD: very strong in target audience 25-59 age group, AB1

On 4 April, the National Media Survey (NMO) published the latest reach figures from its print survey. The average reach of both newspapers and magazines was published. What do we see in the latest figures?

The FD: very strong in target audience 25-59 age group, AB1

NPMM 2023-III (NMO Print & Brands Monitor 2023-III) shows the new print reach figures of newspapers and magazines for the period Q3-2022 to Q2-2023. Het Financieele Dagblad (FD) comes to the fore very strongly from this survey. NMO print figures are released quarterly and compared to the previous release, the FD achieved no less than 15% growth. Het Financieele Dagblad has been the authority in news media for business decision-makers since 1796. And it is still very relevant today: on average, this title reaches 102,000 people a day with its print edition.

NMO offers relevant insights

What is interesting about the NMO data is that it contains a wealth of insights. For example, did you know that:

  • The FD is the newspaper with the youngest average readership by far? The average FD reader is 47 years old.
  • The vast majority of FD readers are 18-67 years old? Which makes it very different from the other national newspapers.
  • More than 8 out of 10 FD readers belong to the highest social class AB1?
  • 65% of FD readers work at least 32 hours a week?

Not surprisingly, the FD is the print medium of choice among business decision-makers. The new NMO data shows this conclusively. The FD achieves a selectivity index of no less than 383 in the target audience of Business Decision-Makers! So the likelihood of your brand’s business campaign being seen by this target audience is above average when using the FD.

The FD: the title in terms of dream target audience for every brand

Even if we zoom out a bit further, the FD reader continues to have an extremely interesting profile. Based on these latest figures, the FD reader can be described as follows: young, hard-working, knows what life is about, highly educated and highly affluent. Look at the target audience of 25-59 year olds, AB1, for example. This is an extremely important part of the Dutch working population: people with often good (well-paid) jobs who are of interest as a target audience on many levels. Just think about their potential spending habits in the housing market, fashion, travel, food, etc. What brand doesn’t want to reach this target audience?

And how is the FD performing in respect of this target audience? In a word: excellently! Of all the national newspapers, the FD is by far the most selective in the 25-59 age group, AB1 target audience. What is more, the FD achieves a selectivity index of 157, making it the only national newspaper to achieve an index above 100. Half of all FD readers belong to this target audience.

Is this target audience of interest to your brand too?

Want to find out more about their specific media behaviour? Challenge us and send your campaign briefing to salessupport@fdmediagroep.nl today. Or contact your regular FD Mediagroep contact. A big advantage: they are also between 25 and 59 and fall into social class AB1 themselves. So if anyone understands this core target audience…


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