• 28 Apr 2024

The unique online profile of FD.nl and BNR.nl

In the dynamic world of online news and information, it is crucial to understand how different brands complement and reinforce each other. At FD.nl and BNR.nl, we are proud that we also have a powerful online profile together. With a combined reach of 1.5 million people per month, an 8.1% overlap in total reach and a total of 36 million page views per month, we show that our synergy is second to none.

The unique online profile of FD.nl and BNR.nl

Complementary forces

The relationship between FD.nl and BNR.nl is emphasised by the unique dynamics of our reach. While BNR.nl reaches a wider audience thanks to free access to the website, FD.nl achieves deep engagement and interaction, mainly due to our high volume of page views. FD.nl offers both private and business subscriptions which has allowed us to build a diverse and loyal reader base.

Insights from NMO Online

Our findings are based not just on gut feelings but also on solid data from the NMO online survey. Our insights are based on this survey which identifies the online reach of numerous Dutch websites and apps. For instance, the survey shows that not only are BNR.nl and FD.nl the top 2 news websites with the highest selectivity among the target audience of Business Decision-Makers, they also appeal to a unique target audience.

In this article you can read more about the NMO research that was published on January 8th of this year.

Our target audience: Randstad, Self-Employed, Higher Professional Education and More

Our target audience is mainly in the Randstad region, consists of self-employed entrepreneurs with the highest incomes, completed higher professional education and works 36+ hours a week. Moreover we are talking about AB1, a term used to denote the most highly educated and socio-economically affluent group in the Netherlands.

Want to find out more about how FD.nl and BNR.nl make such a strong online duo together? Download our infographic here!