BNR is indispensable to entrepreneurs and decision-makers.

In addition to the most important business, financial and economic news, BNR also provides clarification, background information, and context to develop your opinion. BNR enables listeners gain a better understanding of the world around them. ‘We do this by following the rhythm of your day,’ explains Marc Adriani, editor-in-chief. ‘You can listen to BNR whenever you want in the way that works for you.’ Specialising in audio on demand, podcasting and live radio.


What advertising on BNR can do for your brand

Hitch a ride on BNR’s journalistic relevance

Your brand and BNR go hand in hand. You will not have to worry that your brand ends up surrounded by gossip and slander, on the contrary, it hitches a ride on BNR’s journalistic relevance and the news of the day.

High-end target audience

BNR listeners generally have a full-time job, often have management positions, are well educated and often earn double the median income or more. With BNR, you will reach B2B, AB1 and HVE+.

BNR = innovative

Reach your target audience where they go: on air, online and on demand. BNR offers innovative options in podcasting, audio on demand, digital audio, radio, sponsoring, events, and (branded) content.

Scores of which we are proud

11% B2B + fulltime job weekly reach

Relevant B2B reach

12% Relevant AB1 reach

AB1-Male-25/59-2*median income weekly reach

5,000,000 Podcast downloads p/m

+150% compared to the previous year

1,300,000 Radio live stream starts p/m

+20% compared to the previous year

Advertising on BNR Nieuwsradio

Advertising on air

Achieve maximum impact with spot advertising on BNR. At peak hours or rather during the day or evening? It’s all possible!

Digital Audio Advertising

Advertise with spots that are played before live streams and around podcasts.

Digital advertising

Online advertising with premium display formats on BNR’s digital platforms.

Radio sponsoring

There are sponsoring opportunities for several BNR programmes. Make sure your marketing is always-on with little effort.


Create your own podcast (series) or sponsor an existing podcast.

BNR on-location broadcast

The next BNR broadcast live from your business or event.

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BNR’s target audience

Relevant reach

BNR achieves a weekly reach of well over 10% in relevant target audiences within B2B, AB1 and HVE+. The average BNR listener works full-time, is well educated, and enjoys an above-average income.

Radio and Digital Audio

Listening to digital is on the rise at BNR. The number of listening actions for radio live stream and over 100 podcasts has doubled last year, presenting clear opportunities to increase both unique reach and the contact frequency to ensure that your message is communicated even more forcefully.

Podcast and On Demand

The significant growth of podcast listeners presents excellent opportunities to reach your (niche) target audience by means of advertising, sponsoring, or creating your own podcast in partnership with BNR.

About BNR

Put on BNR for 30 minutes and you’re completely up-to-date. BNR provides all of the information you need to make decisions, move up, and grow. Independent information gathered by expert journalists who know their jobs and do what it takes to get it.

This is what BNR has been doing for over 20 years now,

providing audio content everywhere and always: in addition to linear content, BNR also provides comprehensive digital on demand audio. BNR moves with the day and is indispensable to entrepreneurs and decision-makers alike.

Top journalism with intelligent programmes, high-profile hosts, exciting debates, and playful entertainment. All so the listener gets the right information to move up. Every day.


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Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’

Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’

Aim: Thought leadership, claiming expertise in food & sustainability.

Solution: Sponsorship of the (BNR Original) podcast series Voeding van Morgen (’Tomorrow’s Food’)

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