• 1 Apr 2024

And the twelve points of the Dutch voters go to: BNR

BNR is organising several election debates in the run-up to the European elections. Twelve points/douze points why you as a partner should not ignore the BNR European Election Debates.

And the twelve points of the Dutch voters go to: BNR
  1. Topicality: From 6 to 9 June, 400 million Europeans can once again head to the polls to vote in the European Parliament elections. Since the last elections in 2019, the political playing field in Brussels has completely changed due to issues such as Brexit, the European Green Deal and the war in Ukraine. BNR Nieuwsradio follows political news quite closely and strives for depth and clarity.
  2. Expertise: BNR knows all about politics and Europe. Politics and Europe are inextricable parts of BNR’s journalistic DNA. Parliamentary reporters Leendert Beekman and Mats Akkerman can regularly be heard on air in various programmes during the BNR day. They also produce the Studio Den Haag podcast with Mark Beekhuis, which is shown every Friday.
  3. Woven into BNR programming: politicians regularly appear on programmes such as BNR’s Big Five and BNR De Wereld to discuss topics relating to their specific areas of expertise.
  4. Innovation: BNR’s new 100% Europe podcast will start soon. With the European elections fast approaching, Europe reporter Geert Jan Hahn examines to what extent Europe is now an integral part of our society. Are we more European than Dutch? How does our European vote affect our daily lives in the Netherlands? And if something is not properly regulated, should I be angry at The Hague or at Brussels?
  5. Multiple experts: In addition to Geert-Jan Hahn, Europe reporter Stefan de Vries and foreign commentator Bernard Hammelburg are also among the regular core Europe commentators within BNR.
  6. An overview among information overload: European voters will face a barrage of information in the coming months. BNR provides an overview among the chaos. You can find all BNR podcasts on Europe here.
  7. Experience with organising debates: BNR has extensive experience in successfully organising election debates. The debates are made possible by partners with vast industry know-how. For instance, BNR organised debates with partners such as EBN, NVB, ABU, Aedes, Bovag, MKB Nederland and VNO NCW in the run-up to last year’s Dutch parliamentary elections. Evaluations with these partners were all positive and at least one of them will be returning for the upcoming debate cycle in June.
  8. Hosting is in good hands: Nina van den Dungen will host the debates. She is a journalist and programme maker with a wealth of experience. At BNR, she presents the weekly healthcare programme BNR Beter and the Doorgelicht investment podcast. She is also a sidekick on Ochtendspits every Friday and stand-in presenter for The Daily Move.
  9. Key themes: BNR is hosting debates in May/June on crucial European issues, such as: Automotive mobility; Nitrogen/agriculture; Technology/AI; Foreign policy/defence; Asylum & Migration; Economy; Labour market; Climate & Energy transition; Democracy/governance culture; Entrepreneurship.
  10. Appropriate venue: debates take place at a location chosen in consultation with the partner. This can be at the sponsor’s own office, but the Dauphine auditorium in Amsterdam is also often used.
  11. Reach: each debate is framed by a multimedia campaign on BNR and in the FD. The debates appear as podcasts and are broadcast on BNR (radio and video stream).

Working with a journalistic organisation: The BNR Election Debate is a 100% journalistic debate. Guests can assume that they have been invited to a debate by BNR Nieuwsradio and that the content will be editorially determined by BNR Nieuwsradio. This journalistic approach and the reliability of the BNR brand mean that this debate has extra value for both BNR listeners and the sponsor’s target audience.

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