Radio advertising

Radio means grabbing your audience’s undivided attention, heart and head. Radio works as a lever on your campaign; not using a radio campaign means losing impact.

In addition to campaign recognition, our experience with radio campaigns shows that they result in an increase in search actions.

Radio advertising

Scores of which we are proud

473,000 FM reach

Average weekly reach

244 No. of minutes listening time

Average per week

11% B2B + fulltime job weekly reach

Relevant B2B reach

12% Relevant AB1 reach

AB1-Male-25/59-2*median income weekly reach

Our radio-based options

Radio advertising amid top journalism

Your campaign surrounded by top journalism with intelligent programmes, high-profile hosts, exciting debates, and playful entertainment.

Radio sponsoring: BNR Specials

You can claim a domain by linking your brand to a specific topic as an – exclusive – sponsor of a BNR radio show.

View our rate card with the most commonly chosen products.

The power of radio

Radio ads equal wide reach

One of the advantages of radio advertising is that radio is a very direct medium, so a radio ad yields quick results. Our experience also shows that campaign recognition occurs. In short, it is a highly effective medium with a high hit rate.


Reach who you want to reach

It is not a secret that BNR has the most targeted reach in the B2B audience. However, our listeners are much more than just B2B. The great majority are in the AB1 target audience and listeners are frequently educated at the HVE+ level. In addition, they mostly earn double the median income.


Achieving campaign objectives

Do you prefer to aim for brand awareness, or do you focus on lead generation? Our experts know all about the various radio-based options and will help you build the most effective media plan for your target audience, from sponsoring to radio advertising.


Brainnet improves brand awareness through BNR sponsorship

Brainnet improves brand awareness through BNR sponsorship

Aim: Increasing brand awareness and market share of the only independent contingent workforce management expert in the Netherlands.

Solution: Sponsoring Werkverkenners, a weekly BNR show. Preceded by a spot campaign on radio and in print.

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