Use podcast to give your brand a voice

Get your brand straight into you target group’s ears and heart. With over 20 years of experience in audio in the commercial domain, we can translate your brand challenges into authentic audio stories.

We have the expertise you need, whether it’s about sponsoring or creating your own brand story series. We can enhance your podcast with a multimedia campaign within our high-quality, selected channels, to put your brand into the spotlight with your target group.

Use podcast to give your brand a voice

Scores of which we are proud

396 B2B selectivity

The most targeted reach in B2B

5,000,000 Podcast downloads p/m

+150% compared to the previous year

244 No. of minutes listening time

Average per week

100% Increase in podcast downloads

compared to last year (5 million downloads p/m)

The possibilities of a podcast

Sponsoring a BNR Original Podcast

Link your brand to a successful BNR podcast with a campaign that reaches our total target group.

Sponsoring a BNR Special Podcast

Develop a journalistically independent podcast with an extensive campaign for optimum exposure.

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The possibilities of a podcast
The advantages of podcasting

The advantages of podcasting

Intimate conversation

Let your brand seep into the ears of your target group and create 100% impact.

Proven impact

Podcasts attract a dedicated target group of attentive, active listeners.

  • Awareness +89%
  • Brand preference +24%
  • Brand consideration +57%
  • Purchase intention +14%

Listen anywhere, always relevant

People can listen to podcasts at any time of the day. As your community of listeners is always keen to learn something new, your podcast remains relevant for a very long time.

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Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’

Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’

Aim: Thought leadership, claiming expertise in food & sustainability.

Solution: Sponsorship of the (BNR Original) podcast series Voeding van Morgen (’Tomorrow’s Food’)

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