Data-driven business

The more you know, the better you do business. This is why delivers comprehensive, relevant, and reliable information and insights on businesses and corporate executives in the Netherlands. Data-driven professionals are more efficient and effective in the field of compliance, marketing, and sales.

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The power of

Make data work for you

With, you have access to real-time business information anytime, anywhere. You decide how: via the online portal, in your own CRM, ERP or other system through our APIs, or as a separate data delivery.


Leads within easy reach

Based on trends and signals in annual figures, news, number of employees, company executives, and the related sector, you will discover valuable leads –  the foundation of successful business.

Know who you are dealing with

Stockholder information, corporate data, company news and financial performance. With, you will know exactly with whom you want to do business and with whom you’d rather not.

Smarter business in compliance and commerce:


Gain insight into your market and target audience, segment them by properties relevant to your product, optimise your lead generation, and raise your conversion.


Discover attractive markets and new prospects and improve your relationship with existing customers by showing up perfectly prepared at customer meetings.


Estimate business risks more effectively and comply with laws and regulations thanks to our accurate corporate information. Optimise KYC processes and work more efficiently.

Working with pays

Easy return on investment allows you to create more efficiency, yielding a one-year return on investment.

Accessible 24-7-365’s online portal is always accessible, as is demonstrated by our 99% uptime.

High customer satisfaction

If our customers are happy, so are we. Our NPS score has been 40+ for years now.


Interested in’s services?

Want to make data work for you? Discover what can do for your organisation and talk to one of our account managers or request a free trial subscription, which grants access to corporate information, news, annual figures, group structure and valuable leads for ten companies in the Netherlands for seven days. The subscription ends automatically at the end of the trial period.