Advertising in print media

FD Mediagroep offers both readers and advertisers a rich proposition of print media in the financial and economic domain.

Nothing beats holding paper in your hand; the FD’s unique and practical format intensifies the user experience for readers and advertisers. Print media generates trust and is read attentively. The FD offers plenty of options and opportunities in the newspaper, FD Persoonlijk, and its various print specials.

Advertising in print media

Scores of which we are proud

191,000 Reach Monday through Saturday

FD readers

112,000 Paying subscribers

+4% compared to the previous year

10 Number of themed special issues in 2021

The right special issue for your brand

396 B2B selectivity

The most targeted reach in B2B

Our options in print media

The FD

In addition to standard formats, the FD offers high-impact ad formats, such as a continuous strip on the front and back pages of the newspaper.

FD Persoonlijk

FD Persoonlijk allows you to engage in highly targeted advertising within your audience’s area of interest.

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The advantages of print media

Relevant and visible in print media

Print media has a high information factor, is read attentively, and provides topics for conversation. Be relevant and visible in print with your brand. Our readers like to be informed and see our print titles as a source of information.


Make sure to be seen in print and hitch a ride on authority

FD Mediagroep gives brands access to the business community in the Netherlands. Communicate with your target audience in a brand-safe environment. We make sure you are seen with a powerful print campaign. Hitch a ride on the authority of the FD and its titles, generating trust and raising the impact of your brand.

Eye-catching print ads

Print advertising is one of the oldest – visual – means of communication. Even today, print media plays an important part in daily news provision. By advertising in print media, you draw visual attention, so your brand and message catch on. Print is suitable for both informative and promotional ad campaigns.

DenkProducties combines deployment of FD with BNR Nieuwsradio

DenkProducties combines deployment of FD with BNR Nieuwsradio

Aim: Growing traffic to the site and conversion in the form of registration for the best and most educational one-day – digital – seminars.

Solution: Use of spot campaigns on the radio combined with print inserts in the FD.

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