Why Digital Audio Advertising is so effective:

Message communication

Your spot is played directly at the start of the podcast or radio live stream, ensuring effective communication. The high attention level means your message reaches your audience at a deeper level.

Conversion optimisation

Campaign impact can be measured quickly. The listen-through rate is nearly 100% for pre-rolls in the radio live stream. We study the data on a daily basis and offer advice to ensure maximum results, allowing for timely adjustment.

Comprehensive targeting

Targeting is possible for both context or specific podcast selections. There are more extensive opportunities than in a regular radio campaign, which enable you to deliver the right message to your target audience.

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Scores of which we are proud

1,300,000 Radio live stream starts p/m

+20% compared to the previous year

5,000,000 Podcast downloads p/m

+150% compared to the previous year

30% Increase in radio live stream starts

compared to last year (1.2 million starts p/m)

100% Increase in podcast downloads

compared to last year (5 million downloads p/m)

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