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Decision-makers face vital challenges in their business every day – for their company, their customers, and society at large. The FD Business titles offer independent, reliable, and indispensable information in order for them to reach well-founded decisions, online, in print, and through leading community events. Where the FD serves as a general financial and economic beacon for decision-makers, the FD Business titles serve the same role within their own domain.

FD Business

Pensioen Pro

Pensioen Pro is the leading source of news and information for the Dutch pension and investment industry. Here, institutional investors and pension professionals find all the information they need.

Would you like to advertise in Pensioen Pro, have your profile included in the Vermogensbeheergids (capital management guide), or become a sponsor of congresses of the Pensioenfonds Awards? Please check out the media pack for more information.



Energeia is the market leading daily news provider when it comes to financial, economic, political, legal, social, technical and commercial developments in the Dutch energy sector. In addition Energeia organises several state of the art conferences and initiatives like podcasts. Click here to learn more about how to connect your organisation with Energeia.

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Impact Investor

Impact investor is your free impact and responsible finance newsletter exploring the impact investing market. Not all impact is created equal and investors are struggling to find independent news and information. With reporters in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands, we cover the impact market from a distinctly European perspective. Our experienced journalists provide an independent voice, combining sharp reporting with storytelling.


The platform reaches professionals in the institutional as well as the private sector. This specialised title serves its audience through an online platform, a twice-weekly newsletter and a range of knowledge and networking events, as well as social media.


FD Business has a stake in PropertyEuro, the trade publisher serving real estate professionals, investors, regulators and advisers in the Netherlands and across Europe. Established in 2006, PropertyEuro delivers a range of research products, events, and digital and print publications, including PropertyNL (Dutch language) and PropertyEU (English language).


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