FD Persoonlijk

FD Persoonlijk is the weekend magazine that accompanies the FD on Saturdays. The excellent photography and sober layout are inviting, and with sections such as art & culture, fashion, travel, home decorating and work & finance, it offers FD readers background information and entertainment.

FD Persoonlijk allows you to approach FD readers at the weekend with the magazine. It is available in digital form all week.

FD Persoonlijk

What FD Persoonlijk can do for your brand:

Advertising in print, digital and (branded) content

The magazine breathes luxury, enhancing the luxury associated with your brand. Highly targeted advertising is possible in both the magazine and our digital media. You can also leverage branded content, for instance to tell a great story about your brand.

Affluent audience

The magazine has the most targeted reach in the highest social class A and income class W1, a target audience with above-average spending power looking for inspiration. Inspire FD Persoonlijk readers with your brand.

All the space your brand needs

FD Persoonlijk readers take plenty of time to read the magazine at leisure at the weekend. Reach your target audience in a relaxed mood in which they read about fashion, culture, home decorating, and travel with optimum attention

Scores of which we are proud

173,000 Reach FD Persoonlijk

High-end reach

85% of FD Persoonlijk readers

High interest in holidays & travel

545 Selectivity high income

Minimum household income €113,700

500,000 Pageviews fdpersoonlijk.nl p/m

Desktop, tablet and via the app

Advertising in FD Persoonlijk

Advertising in the magazine

Opt for targeted advertising with a print ad in FD Persoonlijk. Only full-page ads are used, so it is the perfect way to catch the reader’s eye.

FD Persoonlijk online

Reach FD Persoonlijk’s readers online with a campaign on fdpersoonlijk.nl

Branded content

The magazine offers space to tell the reader the story behind your brand.

FD Persoonlijk themed special issues

The themed special issues of FD Persoonlijk allow you to engage in targeted advertising within an editorial umfeld. Check when your theme comes up!

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The target audience

Affluent and enterprising readers with high spending power.

The magazine’s readers generally earn double the median income or more. It is natural that they spend more than average on luxury goods, gadgets, and holidays.

Print at the weekend, online all week

The FD Persoonlijk brand pursues high-end positioning, and both the magazine and the website are a source of inspiration for readers. On Saturday, readers take time to peruse the magazine at leisure whilst on weekdays, you can reach them online via fdpersoonlijk.nl.


The best things in life

Research conducted by Stichting DMS shows that magazine readers have an above-average interest in, among other things, fashion, holidays and travel, food and cuisine, and art and culture. They also keep a close eye on the residential property market; many are homeowners.


About FD Persoonlijk

FD Persoonlijk is a source of inspiration for its target audience. The magazine acts as a guide by drawing its readers’ attention to of-the-moment art, stylish fashion, smart gadgets, sustainable design, and a practical, common-sense work and money section.

The magazine is part of Het Financieele Dagblad’s weekend proposition. The editorial key domains are Work & Finance, Fashion, Travel, Design, and Gadgets.


The magazine speaks to the experiential world of well-educated individuals in their thirties and forties who focus on their career, social life, and family. These ‘peak-hour couples’ are ambitious, curious and critical, and want to read a varied and intelligent magazine. Do you read FD Persoonlijk, too?



DenkProducties combines deployment of FD with BNR Nieuwsradio

DenkProducties combines deployment of FD with BNR Nieuwsradio

Aim: Growing traffic to the site and conversion in the form of registration for the best and most educational one-day – digital – seminars.

Solution: Use of spot campaigns on the radio combined with print inserts in the FD.

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