Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’

Aim: Thought leadership, claiming expertise in food & sustainability.

Solution: Sponsorship of the (BNR Original) podcast series Voeding van Morgen (’Tomorrow’s Food’)

Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’


Unilever is one of the world’s biggest companies in food, personal care and cleaning products. The group prioritises sustainability and innovation and collaborates with a range of stakeholders in the Netherlands and abroad.

In the podcast series Voeding van Morgen, Unilever wants to draw attention to the following issue: How will we feed the world’s population in 2050? A group of experts, visionaries, scientists and start-ups discuss interesting developments in this field. Together, they look at the future of food. Rens de Jong hosted the first season of Voeding van Morgen.

Unilever on the partnership:

‘Together with BNR, we’ve created the podcast series Voeding van Morgen. The central theme: how will we feed 9,000,000,000 people around the world in 2050? Guided by the enthusiastic, energetic and curious host Rens de Jong, we joined scientists and experts and looked at production, packaging and the future of food in our society.

The podcast was distributed via, the BNR app, Spotify, Apple Podcast, other podcast platforms, and naturally also via Unilever’s own distribution channels. BNR Nieuwsradio also leveraged its social channels, and a campaign in the FDMG titles was an important driver for the podcast series. The partners deployed online display, print advertising (in the FD), and a spot campaign.

‘Unilever was extremely happy, both with the collaboration and BNR’s expertise. So, after a successful first season, we're now looking at the options for a second season.’
Marlous den Bieman Media Relations & External Communications Manager at Unilever Benelux



  • The average listening time for the Voeding van Morgen podcast exceeded the BNR benchmark.
  • The most popular episode was: ‘Eat healthily and sustainably with these smart tricks.’
  • On average, visitors stayed on the programme page (on for approx. 4.5 minutes.
  • The second season of Voeding van Morgen will be aired from mid-April 2021.

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