How do you get the most out of audio advertising?

Are you curious about the effectiveness of audio advertising and how you can use it for your brand? Over the past two years, FD Mediagroep, together with leading research partners, has conducted extensive research on the impact of audio advertising on channels such as Livestream, Radio, and Podcasts. This has resulted in valuable insights that we have summarized in our latest whitepaper.

How do you get the most out of audio advertising?

Why audio advertising?

The developments in audio channels have profoundly changed the advertising world. From radio to livestreams and podcasts, consumers now have the luxury of choosing when, how, where, and what they want to listen to. This diversity of audio sources makes it challenging to benchmark the effectiveness of current audio campaigns with the past campaigns. However, well-executed audio advertisements provide an excellent opportunity for brands to create a deep emotional connection with their audience, potentially increasing spontaneous brand awareness by up to 45%.

About the research

In collaboration with renowned research partners such as Brand Metrics, MeMo2, DVJ Insights, Motivaction, MWM2, and Groupm, we have conducted over 100 studies on the impact of audio. Last year, we launched the whitepaper entitled ‘A new era for audio‘. Now, a year later, we have significantly grown and gathered a wealth of new insights. The results of all these studies now provide a solid foundation for effectively deploying audio advertising.

What you will learn in the free whitepaper

  1. Content creation: Learn how to create effective audio content for maximum impact.
  2. Audience segmentation: Discover how to develop a targeted audio advertising strategy that maximizes both brand awareness and audience reach.
  3. Attention: Learn how to capture listeners’ attention and increase top-of-mind brand awareness.
  4. Media pressure and timings: Discover the ideal media density and the best time to communicate your message.
  5. Choice of audio channels: Learn which audio channels are most effective for reaching your target audience.

“In 2023, FD Mediagroep asked us to replicate our approach to measure the impact of audio ads running across their linear radio, digital radio and podcast channels. The multi-campaign study was a game changer, proving not only the significant impact of audio advertising in building brand perceptions, but also insights into the optimum time length of audio ads, as well as the best combination of audio channels to drive greater brand lift. Many of our other publisher customers have been very interested in finding out more about the approach, demonstrating how much industry demand there is for such data.”

Elwin Gastelaars Chief Revenue Officer at Brand Metrics

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