Advertising in FD Persoonlijk Magazine is this unique:

Luxury and lifestyle

FD Persoonlijk Magazine is the perfect place to reach your ideal target audience by advertising in a lifestyle magazine. The value of the luxury magazine transfers to your brand.

Time and attention at the weekend

FD Persoonlijk Magazine readers have plenty of time and attention for your visual message at the weekend. Whether you aim for brand awareness or boosting sales, every page has an impact.

Your brand as an inspiration

Print advertising in FD Persoonlijk Magazine means you hitch a ride on the inspiration that our readers seek out. FD Persoonlijk is a source of inspiration for its target audience.

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Scores of which we are proud

173,000 Reach FD Persoonlijk

High-end reach

10 No. of FD Persoonlijk special issues in 2021

Choose the best match with your brand

85% of FD Persoonlijk readers

High interest in holidays & travel

545 Selectivity high income

Minimum household income €113,700

DenkProducties combines deployment of FD with BNR Nieuwsradio

DenkProducties combines deployment of FD with BNR Nieuwsradio

Aim: Growing traffic to the site and conversion in the form of registration for the best and most educational one-day – digital – seminars.

Solution: Use of spot campaigns on the radio combined with print inserts in the FD.

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