• 25 Oct 2023

Online targeting innovation: a unique proposition within FD.nl

Online targeting comes in all shapes and sizes. Recent developments relating to the abolition of third-party cookies have caused certain changes to the advertising market and this trend is set to continue. Both advertisers and publishers are now definitely facing significant challenges as well. Which unique solution has FD Mediagroep come up with?

Online targeting innovation: a unique proposition within FD.nl

Online targeting innovation: a unique proposition within FD.nl

The various targeting options within FD Mediagroep are actually leading to the creation of a win-win situation for the advertiser. FD.nl and BNR.nl are platforms with low advertising clutter and a high reading time. This means high impact domains where advertising can be targeted very specifically at visitors. What is more, there is a higher share of voice within specific target groups and that is resulting in more attention value within these target groups.

The main benefit of using targeting within the FD Mediagroep online domain is that you can exclude any waste from a run of network campaign. Your message is then only displayed to FD.nl visitors with a specific profile. In this way you create a higher degree of visibility and the campaign message can also be adjusted to a specific target group.

Company.info provides a distinctive proposition

This article does not cover the entire range of targeting options within FD.nl. Instead we focus on a specific, new option. A major advantage of collaborating with FD Mediagroep is, in fact, the expertise and data packages which are contributed. Company.info is the data company within FD Mediagroep which does all it can to bring together all the relevant data on businesses, to structure it and to make it usable on the basis of smart technology. Company.info therefore helps customers to be more innovative and successful.

FD Mediagroep offers various packages on FD.nl in which contextual data is combined with first-party data. The addition of Company.info data means we are even going a step further because it enables us to target company data more specifically. This option actually makes FD Mediagroep unique in the Dutch media industry!

"We get the most out of budgets"

The partnership between FD Mediagroep and Company.info is enabling advertisers to continue to reach specific B2B target groups on the FD Mediagroep online platforms, without using third-party cookies. Jacomien van Doorn, Head of Digital Sales & Development, explained it as follows, “Thanks to the partnership with Company.info our advertisers can reach the right target group even more effectively. Display advertisements are shown to precisely the right audience on Fd.nl and campaigns are automatically optimised to get the maximum out of budgets.”

Tests were recently carried out with personalised FD first-party audiences in a partnership with advertiser Louwman (Lexus) and GroupM. You can read more about this in this case study. This revealed, for example, the positive effects on the Qvisits, a clearly lower bounce rate after the click and undisputedly more page views.