• 16 Dec 2022

FD Weekend named European Newspaper of the Year

PRESS RELEASE – The weekend edition of Het Financieele Dagblad has been awarded the title European Newspaper of the Year. FD Weekend won the judges’ ‘special recognition’ for its new ‘Voor.kennis’ section.

FD Weekend named European Newspaper of the Year

This year saw a total of 138 European newspapers from 22 countries compete for the awards. Alongside the FD, the most important awards went to the Belgian newspaper De Morgen (category ‘Nationwide’) and the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tindende (‘Regional’).

The weekend edition of the FD was given a completely new look at the start of this year. Early April also saw the launch of the new ‘Voor.kennis’ section. The 15-strong international judging panel said: “With ‘Voor.kennis’, the weekend newspaper of the future is already being printed.”

The panel also praised its design and rich finish. “The trend towards a more laid-back weekend newspaper can be seen in many European countries, but the ‘Voor.kennis’ section takes this to the next level. It is stapled and trimmed after printing, allowing the design to continue to the edges of the paper.” The panel also praises the covers of ‘Voor.kennis’ and the spreads that tell stories by means of infographics.

The fact that the new weekend edition is already winning prizes is amazing. FD Weekend clearly distinguishes itself from other weekend newspapers thanks to its sleek design and rich finish. This is the result of extraordinary efforts by a great many colleagues. With the help of newspaper designer Mark Porter, we’ve delivered a weekend newspaper that’s fresh and innovative.

Perry Feenstra Editor-in-chief

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