• 23 Nov 2022

BNR gets a makeover

After more than a decade, BNR has a new corporate identity. In the light of the strong growth seen in podcasts and visual radio, there has been an increasing need to convert the BNR signature into an original and innovative brand identity. The familiar microphone and characteristic BNR yellow form the starting point for the new corporate identity that will feature in all visual communications.

BNR gets a makeover

In collaboration with strategist Arnout Visscher, BNR has been working to define its brand values. The new pay-off ‘Blijf Scherp’ (Stay Sharp) is a product of this process. Marketing Manager Sharine de Rooij: “It became clear this spring that the brand and corporate identity were less than ideal. What was shown on screen failed to sufficiently capture the development and dynamism of BNR.”

In collaboration with strategic creative agency D8, work has been done to enhance the brand identity and positioning. D8 has developed an identity that respects the iconic elements and raises them to an even higher level. Graham Sturt, Creative Director D8: “Obviously, we had to embrace the characteristic BNR pictorial mark. The new identity leaves plenty of room and freedom for expression while also providing a convincing and recognisable signature.”

For example, the yellow microphone has been given a subtle, but effective makeover. There have also been changes to the typography and colour palette. De Rooij: “The new brand identity is scalable and can be applied in very practical ways. But even more importantly: it directly represents what BNR stands for and what we aim to offer our listeners. That’s why it’s effective.”

Marc Adriani welcomes the new development

"Our podcasts now have their own unique identity and it’s bursting with energy. I’m now looking forward to seeing the studios undergo a similar metamorphosis."

Marc Adriani Editor-in-chief

About BNR

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