• 8 Aug 2022

Audio study leads to further research

A major study recently revealed that advertisers can achieve the greatest impact by means of audio campaigns. Especially when compared to traditional online display advertising, audio campaigns were shown to have almost double the impact on brand KPIs.

The study’s results have proved so interesting that FD Mediagroep and Brand Metrics have decided to conduct further research. This will provide us with even more insight into the power of audio campaigns. These insights will then enable us to offer advertisers even better advice in maximising the results of their campaigns.

Audio study leads to further research

The questions in the follow-up study

Short vs. long

The upcoming research will investigate what effect the length of an audio message has on brand KPIs. What works better for brand awareness or brand consideration: a long or short message?


Analogue versus digital

The study will also look at the difference between analogue and digital radio. Which has the best effect on the brand: advertising on analogue or digital radio?


BNR vs. other broadcasters

The follow-up survey will also be linked to the BNR study from 2021 on the subject of attention. That study showed that 81% of BNR listeners listen attentively to BNR compared to the figure of just 41% that applies to listeners of other broadcasters.

BNR listeners were also shown to pay much more attention to the commercial breaks. In the case of BNR, that figure was 18% whereas other broadcasters failed to exceed 7%.

The follow-up study by FD Mediagroep and Brand Metrics will investigate how these figures look in 2022.