How an audio mix strategy can provide an uplift in brand awareness

Objective: To raise awareness among entrepreneurs and business decision-makers.
Podcast advertising within the FD Mediagroep network.

How an audio mix strategy can provide an uplift in brand awareness


From radio to livestreams and podcasts, in today’s world we have the luxury of choosing when, how, where and what we want to listen to. Audio advertising can be used in many different ways such as in the form of pre-, mid- and post-rolls to the sponsoring of a specific podcast.

In this rapidly evolving world of audio entertainment, Mogelijk Vastgoedfinancieringen shows how a well-thought-out audio mix strategy can lead to significant growth in brand awareness and impact across the marketing funnel (awareness, consideration, preference and action).

About the campaign

During a campaign period from 14 February 2023 to 5 March 2023, Mogelijk aimed to increase brand awareness. As a result of a powerful 15-second digital audio spot and a clear call to action (“Go to”), Mogelijk saw an impressive 10% uplift in awareness, well above the benchmark. These results were supported by a significant increase in search terms such as ‘’ and ‘Vastgoedfinancieringen’ on Google Trends.

The campaign built on the strong content partnership with FD Mediagroep which has used various resources to reach different target audiences according to the STDC model (SEE, THINK, DO, CARE) since 2021. The mix of resources includes sponsoring of Vastgoed Gezocht, FD brand stories, its own podcast series called “Het Geld en de Stenen”, an FD supplement, advertising and banner campaigns.

'The content partnership with FD Mediagroep has been a hit for more than 4 years, both at brand level and commercially. For both the target audience of entrepreneurs – the people looking for finance – and our potential investors – the people looking to make a return on their capital – FD and BNR are high-quality sources on which they base their choices. Advertising is a valuable addition to the substantive content layer and directly boosts reading/listening and doing.'

Anne-Marie Streng Brand and Communications Manager at Mogelijk Vastgoedfinancieringen

Digital audio vs. analogue

Mogelijk chose to use digital audio during this particular campaign period. The advantage of digital advertising is that a dynamic spot is served up at a time that is determined by the listener, i.e. when they decide to access the content. As a result, you experience less waste in your media campaign than with analogue media.

Also, research on listening profiles within audio advertising to Motivaction revealed that the majority of podcast listeners are Young Professionals. So with a digital audio campaign, you reach a young target audience at times when you have their full attention such as when they are at home or relaxing on the sofa, travelling or walking. This gives advertisers the opportunity to catch their target audience when they are most receptive, resulting in more effective communication.


The survey conducted by Brand Metrics among more than 1500 respondents confirmed the impact of Mogelijk’s campaign:

  • 80% groei in bekendheid (van 13% naar 23%)
  • 127% growth in consideration (from 3% to 7%)
  • 360% growth in preference (from 1% to 5%)
  • 299% growth in purchase intention (from 0% to 2%)

Insight 1

Shorter campaigns – in this case a 15-second spot – prove effective and show a higher brand lift

This campaign used 1 15-second spot. Our recommended ideal length is 15 to max. 20 seconds. In fact from previous FDMG research, we see that the brand lift as a result of shorter campaigns (20 seconds or less) is more than twice that of campaigns longer than 20 seconds. In short: the spot length in this Mogelijk campaign was a good choice.

Insight 2

The clear call to action promoted engagement

The spot has a clear call to action at the end (‘Go to’). The creation therefore seems particularly suitable for the second part of the funnel.

Insight 3

Choosing FM, livestreams and podcast advertising resulted in a broad impact across the whole funnel

The use of FM, livestreams and podcast advertising resulted in a broad impact across the whole funnel. BNR’s target audience seems to be a perfect fit with Mogelijk’s target audience, as shown by the NMO-RAM Listening Survey and the Decision-Makers Survey. BNR’s listeners are mainly financial directors, entrepreneurs and business decision-makers, making it an ideal choice for the campaign.

How an audio mix strategy can provide an uplift in brand awareness

As the result of a strategic audio mix, Mogelijk Vastgoedfinancieringen was therefore able to achieve a remarkable uplift in brand awareness of 10%. The focus on digital audio within the FD Mediagroep network far exceeded the targets set.

Want to find out more about the effective use of audio advertising and how you can achieve similar results? Then download our white paper via this link.

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