Increasing AMDAX’s brand awareness through podcast sponsoring

Aim: Increasing the brand awareness of the AMDAX trading house among serious Dutch crypto investors.

Solution: Main sponsor of Cryptocast and a comprehensive multimedia campaign on the FD and BNR platforms.

Increasing AMDAX’s brand awareness through podcast sponsoring


AMDAX is a trading house for serious crypto investors aiming to preserve and grow its clients’ wealth in a way that fits a decentralised and digital future. They serve clients across the spectrum: individuals, corporations, family offices, and financial institutions.

Challenge and approach:

AMDAX wishes to increase their brand awareness among serious crypto investors on the Dutch market and achieve national awareness. From 1 January 2021 up to and including
30 June 2021, AMDAX was promoted as the main Cryptocast sponsor in the podcasts and in a multimedia campaign on the FD and BNR channels.

Concrete approach:

The AMDAX sponsor campaign started in January 2021 and initially covered 6 months:

  • Audio promos Cryptocast before, during and after the podcast
  • Two on-site Cryptocast episodes and audio promo in radio show Crypto Update
  • Sponsor promotion podcast page
  • Display campaign on
  • FD Brand Story in Het Financieele Dagblad
  • Ads in FD Persoonlijk magazine
  • Print ads in Het Financieele Dagblad
  • Social posts on Twitter and LinkedIn


  • Target audience selection is positive and with good selectivity indexes
  • The topics and target audience are a good match: all messages achieve scores exceeding the benchmark
  • The target audience was reached effectively with 3-5 contacts on average
  • AMDAX welcomed new clients thanks to the partnership with FD Mediagroep
  • The sponsoring partnership between AMDAX and FD Mediagroep has been renewed

Listen: Audio spots AMDAX sponsoring Cryptocast

Promo Cryptocast, sponsored by AMDAX:


AMDAX brand story:

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