Why BNR sponsoring helps your brand:

Direct brand effect

Both your brand consideration (+9%) and your brand preference (+5%) increase as a BNR sponsor. Linking your brand to a high-end journalistic programme ensures positive brand associations (+15%).

Achieve high impact with an on-site show

Want to have real impact? Sponsor a BNR on-site show. Have one of our programmes broadcast from your chosen location and benefit from the associated multimedia campaign.

Always on with low effort

By sponsoring a BNR programme, you stay ahead of changing audio consumption. It is the perfect always-on marketing: high audio and visual impact for a long period of time with low effort.

Increase your reach through sponsoring.

Start today!

Want to get the most from BNR’s high-end reach? Let us help you build the perfect sponsor package. Tell us about your objectives and challenges, and we will be happy to assist you.


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Scores of which we are proud

9% Average increase

Brand consideration of BNR sponsor

5% Average increase

Brand preference BNR sponsor

15% Average increase

Positive brand associations of BNR sponsor

20,000,000 Pageviews p/m

Desktop, tablet and via the app

Brainnet improves brand awareness through BNR sponsorship

Brainnet improves brand awareness through BNR sponsorship

Aim: Increasing brand awareness and market share of the only independent contingent workforce management expert in the Netherlands.

Solution: Sponsoring Werkverkenners, a weekly BNR show. Preceded by a spot campaign on radio and in print.

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