Why advertising on BNR is a great idea

Attentive listeners

Have your BNR radio spot benefit from the attention our listeners show in our programmes. It allows you to reach, convince, and bind your target audience efficiently.

Relevant target audience

A BNR radio campaign means not shooting blanks but rather aiming straight for your target audience (management, above median income, well educated).

Maximum effect

Not opting for a radio campaign means losing impact. Radio advertising means getting inside your target audience’s head. Research has shown that radio advertisers achieve a better than 700% return on investment across markets on average.

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Scores of which we are proud

473,000 FM reach

Average weekly reach

244 No. of minutes listening time

Average per week

11% B2B + fulltime job weekly reach

Relevant B2B reach

12% Relevant AB1 reach

AB1-Male-25/59-2*median income weekly reach

Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’

Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’

Aim: Thought leadership, claiming expertise in food & sustainability.

Solution: Sponsorship of the (BNR Original) podcast series Voeding van Morgen (’Tomorrow’s Food’)

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