Why you should start podcasting now

You will be claiming thought leadership

Podcasts are rising in popularity, not least in the business market. By sharing effective content and expertise within your domain in a podcast, you claim thought leadership as a brand.

The podcast expert

BNR has grown into an expert in podcast creation with over 20 years of audio experience and hundreds of BNR podcasts conceived, produced, and distributed via our own and external channels like Spotify and Itunes in recent years.

A wide range of options

In addition to sponsoring an existing BNR podcast or creating your own series (BNR Brand Story), you can also choose to partner with a BNR Special Podcast: producing a BNR podcast in collaboration with your brand.

Scores of which wto e are proud

100% Increase in podcast downloads

compared to last year (5 million downloads p/m)

50% Average percentage of people

That listen to an entire podcast

50% Average brand lift

Brands that deploy BNR Brand Story

60 Number of BNR Brand Stories

Made for brands in 2020

Want to get to work with podcasts?

Podcast by BNR

Go to Podcast by BNR, the website that is 100% about creating and sponsoring podcasts. With over 20 years of audio experience in the business domain, we can help you translate your brand challenges to podcast strategies, from concept to production, distribution, and promotion.

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