Advertising via Digital Audio

Reach the BNR target audience digitally at any time or location or within a specific context with Digital Audio. Through the radio live stream and our podcasts, which can both be accessed via internal channels as well as external channels like Spotify and iTunes.

In Digital Audio, the target audience makes a conscious decision to listen to selective content via a connected device. With the explosive increase in Digital and On-demand Audio media, there are plenty of opportunities for advertisers ranging from Digital Audio Advertising to content and sponsoring.

Advertising via Digital Audio

Scores of which we are proud

1,300,000 Radio live stream starts p/m

+20% compared to the previous year

5,000,000 Podcast downloads p/m

+150% compared to the previous year

30% Increase in radio live stream starts

compared to last year (1.2 million starts p/m)

100% Increase in podcast downloads

compared to last year (5 million downloads p/m)

Our Digital Audio Advertising proposition

Digital Audio Advertising

Insert a pre-roll before BNR’s radio live stream and a pre- or post-roll for BNR’s podcasts.

Podcast advertising

Advertising around BNR’s variety of popular podcasts

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The advantages of Digital Audio Advertising

Communication with the listener

On demand or where the target audience has actively indicated that they will listen, which means they are more receptive to your message.  One-on-one communication and 100% listener attention.


High attention value

Pre-roll advertising means that your message is played before the live stream or podcast. This results in maximum attention and high attention value for your brand and campaign.


Targeting options

BNR has a highly selective reach in B2B and AB1. Want to target your audience even more specifically? Digital Audio is a most suitable medium. A relevant message at all times through simple targeting by location, time, device, and context, such as topic or specific podcasts.


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