• 11 Aug 2022

The way to a target group’s heart is through their ears

Survey of the impact of audio campaigns on brand KPIs

In the first six months of 2022, FD Mediagroep carried out a large-scale survey in alliance with Brand Metrics. The survey examined a staggering 20 BNR Nieuwsradio audio campaigns. The impact of the campaigns on the brand KPIs was measured, with some 700 BNR listeners taking part in each measurement.

The way to a target group’s heart is through their ears

The Brand Metrics algorithm

The tried-and-tested Brand Metrics algorithm was used to retrace a 0-measurement and a 1-measurement for every campaign period. All forms of audio advertising were studied: around podcasts, on the livestream and on linear (digital) radio. This made the effects of the campaigns visible for four brand variables: brand awareness, brand consideration, brand preference and willingness to act.

The power of audio is sometimes twice as high

The survey showed that audio has a huge impact on brands. The effect on brand awareness, brand preference and brand consideration is almost twice as great as that of traditional online display campaigns.

Summary of the main results

The effects on four variables are twice as great as the average uplift from display campaigns (benchmark database Brand Metrics 6,000 campaigns in Europe 2021-2022):

  • All audio media contributed proportionately to the significant increase in brand awareness.
  • Linear audio scored the best in the middle of the sales funnel, particularly on the brand consideration and brand preference variables.
  • Compared with audio campaigns on the livestream and linear (digital) radio, audio campaigns around podcasts scored highest on brand preference and willingness to act.
  • Lesser-known brands score exceptionally high on increasing brand awareness during audio campaigns. The brand awareness of lesser-known brands rose by an average of 9.5%. Brand awareness among A-brands increased by 5.7%.
  • A-brands also scored very high on brand consideration and brand preference, with respective increases of 4.7% and 2.8%. Traditional online display advertising only scored 2.8% and 2.3% on brand consideration and brand preference.


The results show that advertisers cannot escape the importance of audio campaigns. Audio deserves a prominent role in your media mix. Particularly if you go for cross audio and advertise around podcasts and on linear radio. BNR is the perfect platform, with an average of 480,000 listeners per week and 4 million podcast downloads per month.

More information

For more information about the survey, you can contact: Jacomien van Doorn, Manager, Digital Advertising via jacomien.van.doorn@fdmediagroep.nl