• 24 May 2022

Radio Goes Digital!

Let’s go digital, we heard on all (analogue) Dutch radio stations years ago. That message from the RAB (now Audify) and its affiliated channels proved effective: improved audio quality and a broader offering led to a digital expansion beyond expectations.

Radio Goes Digital!

Today, digital reception options are responsible for half of all minutes listened. But however, wherever or whenever they listen, even today, 13 million Dutch people aged 10 and over tune in to their favourite stations. Just like they did ten years ago. Which only serves to confirm that radio is as relevant as ever.

Digital Audio: trends and developments

Even more so, the countless digital options have only heightened the popularity of the radio media, which was never ailing to begin with. Moreover, they ensured that radio evolved into audio. By now, it is about much more than live programming in the ether. Digital theme channels, audio on demand; The options are endless. And so is consumer interest, as is shown by Audify’s 2021 Audio Annual Report stating that the number of streamed hours in the Netherlands rose by 10% in the past year alone, totalling nearly 33 million hours per week. In addition to that, 200 million podcasts were downloaded.

FDMG: pioneer and leader in audio on demand

FDMG was not just a pioneer on the podcast market – we are a leading player. With over 100 titles in a wide range of domains, we serve nearly 300,000 decision-makers, and tomorrow’s leaders, every week. With over 900,000 downloads per week, we even leave renowned sales houses like NRC and Talpa behind.

Digital Audio represents commercial opportunities

It is not just listeners who benefit from the digital transition, however. Digital Audio offers a wide range of (new) opportunities for advertisers. From demographic and geographic to contextual targeting: FDMG’s experts are happy to explain the possibilities. And it is hugely effective. GroupM demonstrated, for instance, that Digital Audio leads to additional reach and better ad recognition. And podcasts are excellent tools to convey commercial messages, much more so than advertising on social media, among other things, states Mindshare’s Neurolab. Moreover, according to The Guardian, ads in and around podcasts achieves higher attention scores than any other media.

Digital Audio advertising is growing exponentially

In addition, nearly one third of all 212 minutes that the Dutch spend on their mobile telephone on average is spent on audio in all its forms. The conclusion is simple: Digital Audio advertising should be part of the marketing mix in 2022. More and more advertisers are aware of that fact, which is confirmed by the exponential growth of ad revenue (up to EUR 8 million in the past year), representing a huge digital boost for total audio expenditure. From pre-, mid- or post-rolls around live streams to host reads in podcasts: the future is audio!

The advantages of Digital Audio advertising

Digital Audio advertising merges the power of traditional radio with the opportunities presented by online. It represents high reach as well as engagement. Relevant content as well as a rapid rise of share of voice. Long listening times as well as high attention value. In short, Digital Audio offers the best of both worlds. Which Mediabrands confirms.

Are you curious to discover how FDMG can contribute to your marketing mix with Digital Audio?

FD Mediagroep offers advertisers a range of options to convey their commercial message via the Digital Audio network, such as a pre-roll in podcasts or producing a branded podcast.

Want to know about the Digital Audio advertising options within the FDMG portfolio? Go to the page or contact our Sales Support Team at salessupport@fdmediagroep.nl or on +31 (0)20-592 8585