• 20 Sep 2023

FD Persoonlijk is using restyling as a response to polarisation

FD Persoonlijk, the weekend magazine of Dutch newspaper ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’, has been available in a revamped version since last weekend. The magazine now has a greater focus on social involvement and there are new columns and contributors. Read on to find out what else has changed.

FD Persoonlijk is using restyling as a response to polarisation

The revamped magazine now has striking photography and a distinctive design. The editors have also broadened the scope of the culture and lifestyle sections and have made social involvement a permanent feature of the magazine. This is demonstrated, for example, by the new column entitled ‘The Rendezvous’, in which two experts discuss issues on which they have differing opinions, for example hunting, women’s participation, or air travel tax. The column is a response to polarisation in society and shows that a certain degree of rapprochement is still possible even if you think differently about things. The accompanying illustrations are the creations of the famous illustrator, Noma Bar, who works for, among others, The Guardian and who was the man behind the book cover of The Handmaid’s Tale.

The restyling marks the next step for FD Persoonlijk

‘The début edition reflects the diversity of our society. The new format will make us even more effective when it comes to helping busy FD readers gain astute insights and engage in self reflection, as well as informing them about things that make life wonderful.’ – Thomas de Heide, chef FD Persoonlijk.

First edition

The first revamped FD Persoonlijk was published on Saturday 9 September. It also included the first contributions by new columnists Sholeh Rezazadeh (author of De hemel is altijd paars (‘Heaven is Always Purple’) and Joris van Os (writer, poet and translator). In this edition artist Iriée Zamblé talks about the African diaspora, departing president of VU Amsterdam Mirjam van Praag reflects on her youth and her time at the university and the effect of an existence without any fixed routine is also investigated.

Unique offer for advertisers

The revamped FD Persoonlijk offers a unique opportunity to advertisers to commit to a platform that not only has a large and selective group of readers, but also stands out in the magazine landscape. FD Persoonlijk is distributed every week to 126,000 readers, of which an extremely high number come from the highest wealth category (W1) and therefore has a highly educated target group with plenty of purchasing power. Research by Stichting DMS has revealed that the magazine’s readers have an above-average interest in fashion, travel, career and personal development, personal finances, gastronomy and art and culture. The online presence of FD Persoonlijk is also increasing.