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With a BNR Special Podcast, you sit down with the BNR editorial team to discuss interesting themes for a new podcast series. You can then link your brand to the series. The stories are told with journalistic impartiality by an authoritative publisher.

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BNR is not only a leading actor in the commercial market, but also in the podcast world. We combine good independent journalism with our love for, and expertise in, podcasts. And your brand will ride along on this wave.

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BNR Special Podcast is including an extensive promotion campaign within our media channels for optimum exposure

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100% Increase in podcast downloads

compared to last year (5 million downloads p/m)

5,000,000 Podcast downloads p/m

+150% compared to the previous year

243 B2B selectivity digital

The most targeted reach in B2B

60 Number of BNR Brand Stories

Made for brands in 2020

Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’

Unilever: podcast series ‘Voeding van Morgen’

Aim: Thought leadership, claiming expertise in food & sustainability.

Solution: Sponsorship of the (BNR Original) podcast series Voeding van Morgen (’Tomorrow’s Food’)

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