Why you should opt for FD Plus Propositions

Hugely eye-catching

Plus Propositions are advertising formats of a promotional nature that you can leverage to ensure extra impact for your campaign. The perfect choice if you want to draw even more attention.

Generate lots of impact at a single blow.

Your own supplement or magazine included in the FD means you will draw even more attention among decision-makers and influencers in the business community, ensuring huge impact at a single blow.

Encourage your target audience to take action

A sticker or tip-on means you will get up close and personal with the reader as early as the front page of the FD or FD Persoonlijk. A newspaper supplement or enclosed flyer also encourages readers to take action.

Let’s get to work!

Tell us about your objectives, so we can team up to determine what high-impact message is the best fit for your campaign, from a tip-on on the front page to an FD supplement. You will always receive a personalised offer. Are you curious to find out what we can do for each other? Please leave your contact details.

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