The power of on-location broadcasting

Your business in the spotlight

A BNR on-location broadcast from your business or event guarantees high reach and impact and provides the right entertainment and perfect networking event. Naturally, it also includes a multimedia campaign ensuring that your organisation is brought to the attention of BNR listeners and the FD readers.

Well-known programmes and hosts

Well-known BNR programmes like The Friday Move, BNR Zakendoen or BNR’s Big Five can be booked as an on-location broadcast, as can a range of BNR Specials such as BNR Digitaal, BNR Beter or BNR De Nationale Autoshow.

The process

BNR Nieuwsradio will handle both the production and the editorial work for the on-location broadcast. The mobile BNR studio is set up on site. This is where the BNR hosts will receive the programme’s guests. It is also possible to set up an Off Air section and record a podcast.


Promotional campaign

  • Event:

Exposure during the event on location.

  • Radio:

42 radio spots (20 seconds each) on BNR, in the time window Mon-Sun 06:00-20:00.

8 promos (30 seconds each) on BNR announcing the programme and your location as a sponsor. Time window Mon-Sun 06:00-20:00.

  • Print:

1 ad announcement 96 x 87 mm in the FD on the broadcast day, including your location as a sponsor.

1 sponsor ad of your own 96 x 87 mm in the FD on the broadcast day (below ad announcement) with your own message.

  • Online:

30,000 impressions (cross-media) Rectangle on and in the BNR app in the week prior to the broadcast mentioning your location as a sponsor.



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