• 28 Oct 2020

Update from radioland: Why BNR now more than ever?

To date, 2020 has been a year with ups and downs for the radio world, including for BNR. We’ve seen explosive growth in digital listening, new programming with the associated reorganisation, lasting highest B2B selectivity, and much more. This is the perfect moment to talk about What BNR stands for, Who tunes in, When and Why people listen to BNR.

Update from radioland: Why BNR now more than ever?

What does BNR stand for?

BNR presents the latest news on the radio and via radio live stream to professionals in the Netherlands. BNR also zooms in on and provides context for events and developments in dozens of well-known BNR podcasts. Top journalism with intelligent programmes, prestigious hosts, and exciting debates. BNR’s key editorial domains help professionals in the Netherlands make the right business decisions every day:

Economy & Finance – Sustainability – Business – Mobility – News & Politics – Tech & Innovation.

Who tunes in?
BNR = B2B, and has been for years. But did you know that:

*With a selectivity of 266 in B2B, you have the highest chance of reaching professionals in the Netherlands and therefore reduce campaign budget waste to the absolute minimum?
*BNR listeners often enjoy a dual middle household income (selectivity 221)?
*Half of all BNR listeners have completed a higher vocational education or higher and BNR has a selectivity of 229 in Executive Management positions?

BNR = tuned in all day!

At home, on the road or at the office; professionals in the Netherlands still listen to BNR! Thanks to working from home, people no longer listen to the radio during peak traffic hours alone, resulting in a distribution of reach throughout the day. Moreover, the number of road users is the same but equally distributed throughout the day*.

Meanwhile, digital listening has gone through the roof for BNR, with double the listening actions for both the radio live stream (over half a million per month) and the podcasts (over 2 million per month) in the space of one year! One quarter** of all podcast listeners also state that they do not listen to the regular radio, resulting in additional unique reach.

  •  Reach your target audience at any time of the day
  • Benefit from wide time windows at an advantageous rate;
  • Combine your radio commercial on FM with digital audio advertising
    (20% of BNR’s weekly reach is digital)

The importance of context to the advertiser

Did you know that the context within which a person receives an advertising message impacts the effectiveness of the message as well as the intention to buy? Research by Warc*** has demonstrated this, and it is equally true for radio commercials: You tune in to one channel to listen to music, another for the latest news, or to acquire knowledge for your business. BNR is in the last category: the right context for your message to professionals in the Netherlands.

Want to be on the radio by tomorrow?

No problem! For more information about BNR’s advertising opportunities, contact us!


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