• 17 May 2023

Programmatic podcasting

Podcasts. They are hard to ignore in the media consumption of many consumers these days. Advertisers are quick to follow and rely more and more frequently on Programmatic Advertising. These are the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind when setting up a Programmatic Podcasting deal.

Text by Jacomien van Doorn, Head of Digital Sales & Development

Programmatic podcasting

Podcasting at FD Mediagroep

Nearly half of all people in the Netherlands now listen to podcasts at least once a month (Markteffect Podcast Monitor, 8th measurement, 2022). This is even higher for FD Mediagroep users, with as many as 80% listening to podcasts more or less frequently. FD Mediagroep has been dominating rankings in the NMO Podcast Standard in recent months. As a traditional niche player, we can even call ourselves a market leader in podcasting.

As the BNR and FD publisher, we started offering our users podcasts eight years ago. And we always look for ways to connect our advertisers with our target audience as effectively as possible. There is a range of options to match a brand’s communications objective. Examples are podcast sponsoring, branded podcasts, as well as more ‘traditional’ in-podcast advertising through pre-, mid- or post-rolls. We see that in-podcast advertising in particular is becoming more dominant, both in the market and at FD Mediagroep. And in addition to our B2B customers, a growing number of B2C customers are joining in.


  • Advertisers seek to maximise reach. Most podcasts are available to listeners on multiple platforms for free. FD Mediagroep also offers all of its podcasts through an open RSS feed, ensuring that all our advertisers are accessible from our third-party platforms as well.
  • There is a very high level of attention for ads around podcasts (Motivaction, 2021). Listeners are very engaged because they are in a closed environment combined with low add clutter.
  • FD Mediagroep ensures an exclusive position before, during, or after the podcast. You will reach the young, well-educated target audience (25-44 years old). In total, we realise 5.7 million downloads per month with 1.6 million listeners.

Progammatic Podcasting

ince 2020, we have been offering direct and programmatic advertising around all our Digital Audio content (livestream & podcasts) in partnership with Triton Digital. Fully dynamic and IAB-certified. Click here for more information.

We have been seeing a strong uplift in Programmatic Digital Audio Advertising on podcasts. The most recent VIA Deloitte Ad Spend Study report also shows a strong shift to Programmatic Buying for podcast advertising. The focus is on direct deals, such as Private Auctions, Preferred or Guaranteed deals. You can set up a programmatic campaign and link to our inventory for nearly every DSP. Click here for more information.

5 tips

Below are 5 important tips when implementing Programmatic Audio Ads on podcasts (Triton Digital, 2023):

  • Leverage the power of contextual advertising. Decide who you want to reach and match your content.
  • Ensure that the audio message is suitable for the podcast and possibly for each position. You are talking to the listener one-on-one.
  • Link your brand to podcasts that have a profile comparable to that of the desired target audience. This will allow you to reach the right listeners at the right moment whilst building brand affinity.
  • Keep the targeting small or have the publisher set it up at the SSP end. For instance with geo or targeting for position (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll).
  • Ensure good reporting. Programmatic DSPs provide real-time reporting that allows you to monitor campaign spending and performance.