• 22 Jun 2022

Podcasting at the heart of your marketing mix

In recent years, podcasting has become an increasing trend in marketing territory. The FD Mediagroep believes podcasting should be at the heart of a good marketing mix. But that’s easier said than done, which is why we’d love to tell you more about the best way to do it. And what better way to convey that than in — you guessed it — a podcast!

In this podcast, we discuss the latest marketing trends and linking podcasting to them, figures from the podcast market and what it’s ultimately all about, i.e., conveying your brand’s message to your customers.

Podcasting at the heart of your marketing mix

Opportunities offered by podcast marketing

This show explains why podcasts work so well. For example, Tom van Bommel explains that when we hear something but don’t see it, we’re going to visualise it mentally. And that visualisation has a more lingering effect in our brain than when we watch a visual advertisement.

Susanne van Nierop explains that podcasts are largely so successful because they respond to people’s desire for instant gratification. Listeners can choose where and when they want to listen to the content.

Podcasts are here to stay. They’re part of the marketing mix and an attractive format to experiment with, especially now that the prices of different media are rising.

Replay the whole podcast here.

The podcast market in numbers

Forty-two percent of Dutch people sometimes listen to podcasts, and this number rises to as much as 57% if you focus on the highly educated business market. In addition, 6 out of 10 podcast listeners sometimes look up something after listening to a podcast, e.g., a product or a brand.

Interested in more specific numbers regarding podcasts and the market, such as the most listened to platforms or the ideal duration of a podcast?

Replay the whole podcast here.

Conveying your brand's message via audio

As with all other forms of media, there are also a thousand and one kinds of podcasts. A distinction is made between three variants:


  1. Conversational
  2. Storytelling
  3. Audio experience



Anyone can record a podcast, but as a brand, you should look at what best aligns with your goals and, more importantly, your target group.

The well-known statement of ‘we have to do something with podcasts’ is heard a lot. But how do you choose the right podcasting strategy? How do you involve your target group in the topics of your brand? And how do you build a strong community of listeners, potential customers and even ambassadors? We discuss all these topics in the podcast show.

Replay the whole podcast here.



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