• 4 Jul 2023

New Podcasts

Podcasts are now fully integrated in the Dutch media landscape. The 8th edition of the Markteffect Podcast Monitor showed that nearly half of all Dutch adults listen to podcasts more or less frequently. That equals 6.5 million Dutch people. The podcast listener group consumes an increasing range of titles. Podcasts are especially popular among young people and well-educated people.

New Podcasts

FD Mediagroep continues to push boundaries with new, intriguing podcasts

The NMO Podcast Standard for May 2023 shows that the 11 participating parties published a total of 1,432 active podcasts on the Dutch market. They jointly generated 7.1 million downloads per week on average. In this period, we count over 3 million users. FD Mediagroep takes up top position in podcast networks in May, too, as has become the usual state of things.

In the top-100 most-listened podcasts, the themes of news, sports, politics, crime, and investigative journalism are dominant. For many months in a row now, BNR’s Boekestijn & De Wijk podcast has been proud to lead this ranking. This geopolitical podcast is downloaded nearly 500,000 times per week by 211,000 users on average.

In addition to this successful podcast, FD Mediagroep has many more top-100 titles every month, including FD Achter Gesloten Deuren, BNR De Wereld, Wetenschap Vandaag, and BNR Beurs. And that is not all. The FD Mediagroep incubator produces new podcast babies every month. We would like to introduce a few recent productions:

  • NS, alle seinen op rood!: The BNR audit of Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the Dutch national railway company. Nederlandse Spoorwegen is heavily criticised due to its delays, technical issues, and personnel shortages. Ambitious competitors seem to be attacking the permit successfully with Europa. Is NS able to reinvent itself?
  • Van Bekhovens Britten: the podcast by Lia van Bekhoven and Connor Clerx started just before Charles was crowned and has since achieved a top-10 position in the Apple ranking.
  • Van de Kast naar het Podium: a BNR podcast made by Marijn Reichert and Ruben dos Santos. Every week, a fascinating talk with interesting personalities from the LGBTQI community: from Envy Peru to the Olympian Ramsey Angela, from Haroon Ali to Francis van Broekhuizen: they all tell their stories about professional success and the struggles on their path.
  • Onder Curatoren: What happens if a company goes under? In this podcast, Elisa Hermanides and Thomas van Zijl talk to trustees, the troubleshooters of the business world, about memorable bankruptcies. Listen to this episode about the much talked-about bankruptcy of The Entertainment Group, for instance.