• 3 Jun 2020

New from BNR: Automated pre-roll advertising for live stream and podcasts

From today, advertisers can post a pre-roll for BNR Nieuwsradio’s live stream and all of our podcasts via an automated process. Advertisers can communicate with BNR’s -primarily professional- listeners both via FM and on every online platform that broadcasts BNR Nieuwsradio’s content. Moreover, listeners will be optimally tuned in to these messages since they are broadcast directly at the start of each live stream and podcast.

New from BNR: Automated pre-roll advertising for live stream and podcasts

It is a new step for BNR Nieuwsradio, focused on the evolution from radio channel to online audio company. In addition to FM radio, BNR plans to leverage on-demand audio as part of its strategy. The number of live stream playbacks rose dramatically over the last period (01 March 2020 to 18 May 2020) compared to the same period last year: 89% growth for the live stream on BNR.nl and a 34% increase for the app. The number of playbacks of BNR’s podcast offering has surpassed two million per month since April 2020.

Says Mireille van Ark, BNR Nieuwsradio’s Lead Editor: ‘BNR focuses on innovation as part of its ongoing strategy, as is demonstrated by our award-winning Smart Radio and Voice applications. This is another step towards the future, particularly for our advertisers, particularly in a period in which online listening has risen dramatically because most of us are working from home much more often.’

Adds Jacomien van Doorn, manager digital advertising: ‘We are proud to be the first radio channel in the Netherlands to introduce this automated offering for both podcasting and live stream. Sponsored, branded podcasts & host reads have been integrated into our audio on-demand options for advertisers for over three years now and today, it has become possible to target one’s audio message even more specifically in a niche context, in a specific location, and at a specific moment.’

If you have any questions relating to this release, please contact Jacomien van Doorn at Jacomien.van.Doorn@fdmediagroep.nl. Send an email to salessupport@fdmediagroep.nl for pricing and advertising opportunities.


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