• 27 Feb 2019

Be selective. The FD: Highest selectivity in AB1, B2B and the youngest daily newspaper readers.

Het Financieele Dagblad was founded in 1796 with the mission to offer news on ‘all things financial’, or al het geene tot het financieele eenige betrekking heeft. If we were to judge by the flowery late 18th-century Dutch language, FD news would be reserved to a select group of people with an extensive financial vocabulary. When you learn more about the FD reader 223 years later, however, you will find that it is not just finance professionals who read this newspaper. This article highlights a few target groups for whom the FD has become an essential part of the day.

Be selective. The FD: Highest selectivity in AB1, B2B and the youngest daily newspaper readers.

Most selective in AB1

Take the AB1 target audience, for instance. A combination of the two highest social classes (A and B1) is still a commonly used target audience in the media world. The AB1 audience is a combination of profession and highest completed education of the main wage earner. The most recent update of the NOM Print Monitor shows that the FD has above-average reach in this target audience: as many as 76% of FD readers are in the AB1 audience, resulting in a selectivity index of 167. This makes the FD by far the most selective national newspaper in the AB1 target audience

High selectivity in B2B

It will come as no surprise that FD readers play an important part in the Dutch business community. The FD content attracts readers with a personal and professional interest in topics like business, growth, economics, start-ups, and innovation. The extremely high B2B selectivity demonstrates that the domains chosen by the FD’s editorial team are a good fit with the wishes and requirements of this target audience. Almost 30% of FD readers is in the B2B audience, resulting in a selectivity index as high as 399. In short, if you want to run a campaign targeting the business community in the Netherlands, note down the FD as the first title in your media plan!

Youngest daily newspaper readers

FD readers are ambitious people who focus on their career. They are the decision-makers of today and tomorrow. And as many as 59% of FD readers are aged 25 to 54. This means the FD has the youngest daily newspaper readers in the Netherlands. The selectivity index of 126 for this target audience shows that the FD has a high chance of hitting its mark here, too.

Premium B2C campaigns and professional campaigns: Go with the FD.

In conclusion, the FD is an excellent choice for multiple campaign types. Premium B2C campaigns do beautifully in the FD, thanks to the affluent target audience that seeks out inspiration in the field of luxury & lifestyle. The high B2B selectivity confirms the choice of campaigns focusing on the business market. Are you curious about the FD’s performance in your target audience? Please contact your account manager or send an e-mail to marketingbtob@fdmediagroep.nl.

Source: NOM Print Monitor 2018-IV, January 2019.


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