FD Futures and FD Persoonlijk published together this summer as a Reset publication

This summer we are going for Reset

This summer, FD Futures and FD Persoonlijk -the weekend supplements with the FD’s Saturday issue- will join forces in ‘Reset’. Reset is a weekend issue focusing on the leading personal themes of the future.

Our lives have changed in many ways these past few months. We work from home, had to plan most of our activities in our own homes and gardens, can still not go to sports matches, and theatre and cinema visits are limited. Meeting new people is more difficult than before, and we have also homeschooled our children.

What are the lessons we learned from all this? What will we take with us into the future? And what do we really want to leave behind? Reset will be looking toward the future in five issues: What will our lives look like in the coming years? Please find a full summary of the editorial contents per issue at the bottom of this page.

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The Saturday issue of Het Financieele Dagblad reaches an interesting target audience: the affluent, highly educated professionals who want access to in-depth information and relaxation in the weekend. The FD is by far the most selective daily newspaper in the B2B target audience (341). It is highly selective in the highest social class A (232) and the higher income class of €87,100 and over (326).

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Reach of Saturday issue: 174,300

Publication dates: Saturday 11-07, 18-07, 25-07, 01-08 en 08-08

Size and paper: like Futures

Ad sizes: 1/1 pagina (€ 7.250,-) of 1/2 pagina (€ 4.800,-)

Submission deadline: Wednesday morning before 10:00 before the Saturday on which the issue is published


Issues of Reset this summer


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Reset editorial content

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Every issue has its own theme: leisure new style, living new style, living together new style, working new style, and learning new style. In addition, every issue devotes attention to art, books, homes, and columns.

Saturday 11 July: Leisure new style
Focusing on the entertainment economy, among other things, which ground to a halt and is now restarting on a very small scale. What are the future scenarios? Is a shift from indoors to outdoors an option? And for what sections, in that case? An essay on the psychology of holidays: excess luxury or not? Plus: because we now work and relax from home, these activities have started to mix. How do we deal with that? Is it an improvement or the opposite? Three couples share their experiences.

Saturday 18 July: Living new style
Devoting attention, among other things, to new residential construction work after the first pandemic. What changes are construction companies and project developers witnessing? Are our residential wishes changing now that we spend more time at home, which also means we can live further away from work? Plus: interviews with people who are planning to move now. Did they adjust their wishes and requirements?

Saturday 25 July: Living together new style
Devoting attention to (digital) dating in an era of social distancing, and more. How does one seek out love in such times? We can no longer walk into a bar and meet someone, so we have to rely on dating apps even more. That being said, we still have to meet at some point. How does that work? Plus: three top networkers talk about how they maintain relationships in times of COVID-19.

Saturday 1 August: Working new style
Focus on fewer meetings and less distraction. We are all experiencing the benefits of remote work. Let’s say we could go back to the office, then please don’t put us back in that horrible open-plan office. How do we find the right way to work together without the open-plan office? What will be the right mix of digital and personal contact and for what exactly? Plus: 3 CEOs talk about how they manage their organisation without direct supervision.

Saturday 8 August: Learning new style
Focusing on new developments in education. What is seeping through from distance learning? Plus: how does continuing education for professionals work these days?


62% of FD readers on Saturday are under 55. This is 71% for FD Persoonlijk 0

FD Persoonlijk and FD Weekend readers are in the higher income class W1 or W2 0

FD Persoonlijk readers have enjoyed higher education 0

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