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The new FD Mediagroep rates

FD Mediagroep will be implementing adjusted rates for BNR Nieuwsradio starting 1 July 2018, and new rates for Het Financieele Dagblad and FD Persoonlijk starting 10 September. The new gross rates and settlement models are a better match with the market and changing customer behaviour. The rates for online advertising remain unchanged.

The new rate structure has the following starting points:

  • Market-conformable settlement models: simplifying your media procurement.
  • Realistic gross base rates: this allows us to do business with you more efficiently.
  • Simplicity: reducing the number of formats and bundling the position supplements simplifies our offering.
  • Comparison of different settlement methods: increases insight into the position of our brands compared to the market.

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Frequently asked questions

+ - When does the new rate structure take effect?

FD Mediagroep will be implementing adjusted rates for BNR Nieuwsradio starting 1 July 2018, and new rates for Het Financieele Dagblad and FD Persoonlijk starting 10 September.

+ - Why has FD Mediagroep changed its rate structure?

The relaunch of Het Financieele Dagblad will occur in the second semester of 2018. The new FD will then be published in a more convenient size. Since the current rate card is based on millimetres, the new dimensions have given us cause to review the rate structure. The general rate card was long due an update to ensure a better match with changing customer behaviour and the market.

+ - What is the basis for the new rate structure?

We held several interviews with media agencies and our customers to ensure that the rate structure is in line with wishes and requirements in the market. These interviews showed that there is a growing desire for convenience, transparency, simplicity, and realistic gross rates. This input was used for a new market-conformable rate card for printed media and the radio.

+ - Which FD Mediagroep products will have changed rates?

Both the gross rates and the settlement models of Het Financieele Dagblad, FD Persoonlijk, and BNR Nieuwsradio have been adjusted. The rates for online advertising on FD.nl and BNR.nl remain unchanged in light of the recent adjustment in December 2017. The rates for the printed specials Tempus, ESB, FD Outlook, Fondsnieuws magazine, and PensioenPro remain unchanged, too.


In a market in which print runs and advertising revenue are under pressure, the FD is a positive exception. The print run remains stable at 47,363 copies and our reach keeps expanding (154,000 on weekdays and 182,000 in the weekend). The number of digital subscribers is growing, too (currently 78,094). Our ambition to be the best printed daily newspaper in the digital era ensures that we continuously stay ahead of the competition in this challenging market. On 10 September 2018, Het Financieele Dagblad will be introducing the revitalised newspaper. With this introduction to a more convenient size, the following changes will be made in the rate card:

  • At the launch of the revitalised newspaper, the FD will replace the millimetre-based rates for fixed rates per block size. This means the FD will no longer implement a separate settlement method, simplifying your procurement process.
  • The FD is the only Dutch newspaper that cuts the paper cleanly. This means that advertisements can be positioned on the page without bleed, making new, unique advertising sizes possible. We have reduced the number of ad sizes to avoid an excessive diversity of formats and to give you a clear overview. We are also bundling the position factors, so you can see at a glance what supplements apply.
  • We have also defined new, realistic gross rates. This allows us to do business with you more efficiently.

In addition to the fixed rates per block size, we have simplified the CPM. This makes it easier for you to compare the FD’s market position with other dailies on the market. Here, the FD follows the same principle as other daily papers, simplifying your procurement process. The CPM rates are based on the latest numbers of reach (source: NPDM 2018-I).


BNR Nieuwsradio is the leading radio station in the B2B target audience. BNR always presents the latest news, but also provides background information and enrichment. As many as 495,000 curious listeners tune in to the top journalism on BNR every week. Fresh and upbeat in tone, always incisive and up-to-date. Sadly, the latter did not apply to our rate card. With the reintroduction of the FD and new pricing policy, we decided to reassess BNR as well. This led to a new, market-conformable rate card. The following changes will apply as per 1 July:

  1. BNR will use the same settlement method as the other radio stations starting 1 July. The calculation method is based on the number of spots x number of days x spot length index x month index. This increases transparency and makes it easier for you to incorporate BNR in your media plans.
  2. BNR follows the market and will start working with month indexes like other stations. The month indexes have been created on the basis of seasonal patterns.
  3. We have defined new, realistic gross rates per time block the same way as for printed matter. This enables us to do business with you more efficiently.
  4. Based on our relations’ increasing wish, we have also clarified the GRPs in addition to the rates per second. This makes it easier for you to compare BNR’s market position with other dailies on the market.
+ - What do the rate changes mean for campaigns already booked?

The rate changes apply to all new collaborations and contracts. It goes without saying that booked campaigns will be delivered as arranged. The account manager will contact you.

+ - Until when do the current rates apply?

A printed message can be published in Het Financieele Dagblad and FD Persoonlijk under existing rate conditions until Saturday 8 September 2018 at the latest. For BNR Nieuwsradio, the spot to be broadcast must be delivered by Saturday 30 June 2018 at the latest.

+ - Where can I find the new rate card?

You can find a summary rate card with the rates for the most commonly purchased ad positions in Het Financieele Dagblad and FD Persoonlijk and on BNR Nieuwsradio on the top of this page. Moreover, we now offer an online calculation tool allowing you to find out how many radio spots can be purchased with a specific budget or the price of specific print or online products. You can request a comprehensive rate card with the complete advertising portfolio for FD Mediagroep via  the contact form below or email salesupport@fdmediagroep.nl. We will be happy to assist you with a personalised proposal.


Do you have questions or do you want to request the complete rate card from FD Mediagroep? Sales Support is happy to help you.