The FD achieves highest reach growth rate of all national newspapers

The FD achieves highest reach growth rate of all national newspapers

The new NOM Print Monitor data were published this morning. NOM (Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia) publishes the reach data for daily newspapers and magazines every quarter. The latest figures (NOM Print Monitor 2019-IV) show a highly positive image for the FD. The average reach has increased by as much as 8%, for instance. FD Weekend managed an even more explosive growth. On average, it reaches 13% more readers than in the previous NOM data publication. The average reach is now 170,900 men and women aged 13 and over.

The FD: Highest selectivity in relevant target audiences
The FD is managing to further strengthen its position among several interesting target audiences. It has an above-average reach in the B2B target audience, the spine of the Dutch business community. This is demonstrated by the FD’s extremely high selectivity index: 360 (average for Netherlands = 100).

Once again, the FD is the most selective newspaper in the social class AB1. The same holds for the highest social class (A); the FD’s selectivity index: 247.


In the target group MF 25-49 YO, the FD is the only national newspaper that even manages to achieve a positive selectivity index. The FD’s selectivity: 123. The other daily newspapers score indices of 73 (AD) and below. It is roughly the same for the target audience MF 25-54 YO. The FD’s selectivity: 116. The other national newspapers never score higher than 77 (AD).


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Source: NOM Print Monitor 2019-IV