FD launches new newspaper for digital era

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FD launches new newspaper for digital era

The FD, whose editors were the first in the Netherlands to work ‘digital only’, is taking a noticeable step on 10 September by launching a completely new newspaper. They have something to prove, since the FD’s ambition is to make the best newspaper in the digital era.

In the weekday paper, that ambition is expressed through a design that trial readers associate with being online. The daily navigation bar on the first three papers shows exactly what the FD has to offer on any given day. In-depth feature stories will have a QR code that leads the reader to a web page.

The clear distinction between (news) overview and in-depth information as desired by readers is perfectly embodied in a smaller, practical format that is stapled and cut cleanly (like a magazine) before leaving the printing house in Diemen. The FD’s unique size is slightly smaller than the regular tabloids.

The FD started preparations towards the end of August last year. Together with the market research company Motivaction, the editors organised several co-creation workshops with existing and potential subscribers. And they found that as readers read digital materials more often and for longer periods of time, their desire for a well-structured, in-depth and restful newspaper grows.

FD Weekend will be transformed, too. A new supplement called ‘FD Futures’ investigates the impact of technological developments on society. The weekly magazine FD Persoonlijk excels at interviews and portraits, and focuses on smart living with highly educated ‘peak-time couples’ in mind. The new FD Weekend will be published for the first time on 15 September.

On weekdays, the FD will stand out as follows:

  • The printed newspaper will make a clear distinction between newspaper pages and pages that contain in-depth information on specific topics. The in-depth segment of the newspaper will contain prognostic or so-called scenario stories for the first time.
  • On the first three pages, the newspaper will feature a prominent overview in the form of a navigation bar that enables the reader to make his/her reading choices for the day immediately.
  • The in-depth and background stories will be enriched with a summary and contain references to a range of web pages, among other things with the aid of QR codes.
  • The very popular daily profile of a person featured prominently in the news will take up more space at the heart of the newspaper.
  • Bartjens, one of the FD’s crown jewels, will have a new place on the back page;
  • After the FD was the only national newspaper to appear in Berliner format in March 2013, the paper has opted for a special form once again. In collaboration with its printing house Rodi, the FD has developed a unique practical format, which is stapled and cut cleanly to further increase user friendliness. It is expected that readers will take the practical FD format with them and read it more often during the day.

The FD is widely seen as a highly reliable source of news. With the journalistic refinements, the newspaper aims to become the leading paper for more readers. The focus will remain on current and future professional decision-makers.

The FD currently has a paid print run of 85,000 and aims to surpass the 100,000 threshold within a few years.