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The review is a common occurrence in the movie and book industries, unlike in the world of radio. Even so, BNR Nieuwsradio recently received two positive reviews from people who matter. The comedian Vincent Bijlo listens to the radio a lot and writes a report in the Dutch newspaper NRC every month. Ton Verlind (media consultant and former media director of the KRO channel) recently wrote a column about BNR in Broadcast Magazine. Its title: Lofzang (in English ‘Ode’).

BNR receives high praise from former KRO director
Verlind is very pleased with BNR’s Big Five, for instance. ‘In-depth interviews on the week’s topic on five consecutive mornings with hosts Art Rooijakkers and Diana Matroos. They often receive opinion leaders you don’t see or hear often in public broadcast programming. The interviews are long and critical. The hosts are knowledgeable about the topic and honestly interested.’ He also states that he ends up with the BNR news channel more and more frequently when searching for good information.

Another aspect of BNR Nieuwsradio that Verlind really likes is the surprising attitude in terms of guests: ‘If you listen to BNR, you’ll discover that there are many more experts than the usual suspects that appear on talk shows.’ Verlind concludes his column with an excellent tip: ‘BNR’s newscasting is an oasis of thorough craftsmanship in a world adrift. Listening to this channel, you’ll feel optimistic about the future. Why not give it a try?’

‘Truly everything has meaning’
Among other things, Vincent Bijlo praises the energy BNR exudes in his article. For instance: ‘It showcases an eagerness that’s rather rare on public channels. BNR spares us from nonsense; truly everything has meaning.’ Even though BNR does not broadcast music, Bijlo still manages to compare us with music channels: ‘The channel swings despite (thankfully) never broadcasting music. It swings in the way it tackles the news, and it swings thanks to its background information.’

In his review, the comedian discusses several BNR programmes. He has the following to say about Ochtendspits host Bas van Werven: ‘Van Werven demonstrates acute insight at his desk and sets the tone that is characteristic of BNR Nieuwsradio: energetic, upbeat, substantive, and fresh.’ He, too, approves of BNR’s Big Five: ‘It makes for interesting discussions with guests who are experts in their field and are given ample time to share their knowledge with us.’ Like Verlind, Bijlo finds that the BNR programming offers a platform to different experts than usual (specifically mentioning BNR BREEKT). ‘The panel members aren’t the people you see or hear all over the place,’ says Bijlo. Zakendoen, BNR Podcastuur, BNR in de Middag – Bijlo has listened attentively to all of BNR’s shows and programmes and was confirmed in his opinion that everything has meaning. ‘BNR creates so much, it just doesn’t fit on a single channel.’

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