BNR Nieuwsradio’ reach among decision makers shows strong growth

BNR Nieuwsradio’ reach among decision makers shows strong growth


The Decision Makers Survey, the leading survey for Dutch decision makers, was published on 17 May. This survey with approximately 2,700 respondents has a long track record and adequately reflects media use and the decision-making scope of this important target audience in the business community. It yields many insights into a target audience that includes an estimated 628,000 decision makers.


BNR Nieuwsradio: greater reach among decision makers

The Decision Makers Survey is published every year, reflecting the reach of several Dutch media titles in the group of decision makers. BNR Nieuwsradio shows spectacular growth in the 2021 DMS. Every week, it reaches 50% more decision makers than in the previous survey (2020 DMS)! On average BNR Nieuwsradio reaches nearly 6% of this target audience.

BNR reaches decision makers not only through its regular radio broadcasts but through its other platforms as well. 2021 DMS also measures the overall reach of the BNR brand. With as many as 147,000 decision makers every month, this is equivalent to 23.4% of the total target audience.


Not all decision makers are the same

There is huge variation in the responsibilities of the overall decision-maker population. BNR is particularly strong in a number of very desirable media target audiences. A few examples:

  • BNR (brand) reaches 53,000 top decision makers in fleet management (nearly 24% of this target audience) every month.
  • It also reaches 66,000 top decision makers in telecom sourcing (over 22% of this target audience) every month.
  • Among top decision makers in fields like consulting, software and financial services, BNR confirms being a vital link in every business media plan.


C level increasingly listens to BNR

BNR was also found to perform extremely well in the highest echelons of the business community in the Netherlands. As a brand, BNR reaches nearly 25% of all respondents who stated being a managing director in the 2021 DMS, representing an audience of 125,000 ‘final bosses’. Compared to last year’s survey, BNR has grown significantly in this target audience with a reach increase of 13.6% among managing directors. Shows like Zakendoen, Werkverkenners, Crisis de Baas, and the BNR Boardroom section are perfectly in line with the C level target audience’s interests.


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