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FD Persoonlijk Summer editions

Magazine content

Every Year, FD Persoonlijk publishes five summer issues, each with its own specific theme. This year’s themes are inside, outside, underneath, above, and adjacent. The specials will be published on 20 July, 27 July, 3 August, 10 August, and 17 August. The submission deadline for materials is one week before publication.

The theme issue ‘Binnen’ (Inside) will be published on 20 July
This issue will feature a visit to one of the Netherlands’ best chocolatiers; how to protect your privacy in an era in which social media reveals all; a shopping feature on indoor sports; and travelling through the interiors of faraway countries.

The theme issue ‘Buiten’ (Outside) will be published on 27 July
This issue revolves around the theme ‘outside’, including design inspired by nature; the best hotel pools with a view; a shopping feature on outdoor sports; and a travel destination off the beaten track.

The theme issue ‘Onder’ (Underneath)  will be published on 3 August
The third issue focuses on the theme ‘underneath’, with a background story on the underworld (ode to mob movies); a feature on art; How Beau van Erven Dorens stands up for people at the bottom of society; a travel report on Down Under (Australia); and more.

The theme issue ‘Above’ will be published on 10 August
This issue will feature an article on the best bungee jumping spots; a plea for being satisfied with your life; why prominent people rely on mediums; a course on cloud science; and a shopping feature about sports at the top (bungee jumping, mountain climbing, parachuting, etc).

The theme issue ‘Naast’ (Adjacent) will be published on 18 August
The last issue revolves around the theme ‘adjacent’, with a short story on neighbour disputes; side dishes in the spotlight; an article on travelling along the borders and a shopping feature on everything associated with sports (shwoer & scrub, beer & bubbles, canteen, etc).

The power of FD Persoonlijk


35% have a gross household income exceeding €71,000 per year. Readers spend a greater than average amount on luxury goods.


67% have a high level of prosperity (W1 & W2) and 73% belong to the highest social class (A or B1).


The FD Persoonlijk brand means high-end positioning, exuding Luxury and Lifestyle.


The readers of FD Persoonlijk have an above-average interest in holidays and travel (85%), wines (60%), and jewellery, watches and accessories (43%).


Total circulation


Readers P.W.


Unique visitors P/M


Pageviews P/M

Reader profile

FD Persoonlijk reaches an exclusive audience: entrepreneurial individuals who have the financial freedom to pursue their desires and see the brand as a source of inspiration.


66% of the FD Persoonlijk readers have completed a HBO or university propedeuse, bachelor, candidate, master, doctoral or postdoctoral.

More money than environment

Off the FD Persoonlijk readers, more money is spent on luxury products (8%), vacations (37%), cosmetics / toilet articles (5%), clothing (18%) and furniture (6%) than the environment

Level of interest

FD Persoonlijk readers are interested in gadgets (61%), art (76%), body care / make-up (46%), cooking and eating (88%), cars (56%), modern living ideas (70%) and classic (34%) and plants / flowers / gardening (69%)

Are you interested?

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