FD Persoonlijk Christmas special

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In the FD Persoonlijk Christmas Issue appearing on 19 December, we look back on the past eventful year. We reflect on the tremendous upheavel and uncertainty 2020 brought us, but also look forward to 2021. A new year brings hope and starts with a feelgood factor.

Published on Saturday 19 December with Het Financieele Dagblad, the magazine reaches readers in their personal environment. The deadline for submitting advertising materials is Monday 7 December.


A series of long personal interviews in which we look back on the past year with several prominent individuals: the fear, the grief and, for some, the successes as well.

Christmas & wine

What wines to drink while cooking Christmas dinner?

Go for a hike!

In 2020, a great number of people discovered the joys of walking. FD readers tell us about their favourite hiking routes and how walking makes them feel better.

Inspiring podcasts

Fascinating and inspiring conversations about topics such as happiness, purpose, and a more conscious life, and more.


Hope embodied. Especially for FD Persoonlijk, young illustrators create images representing their hope for 2021.

The year of distance and charity

Renowned writers write a letter to someone to whom they are grateful for the past year. It was a year of distance but also of charity. Who helped them gain new insights or assisted with practical matters?

The value of a journal

Many people (including busy ones) keep a journal. Background story on why this is a good thing, for instance in difficult times. Plus the best literary examples to read over the holidays.

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Selectivity of 330 within the minimum gross annual household income of €87,100.


An above-average number of readers are in the higher W1 income class (sel: 230) and social class A (sel: 253).


FD Persoonlijk readers have completed a HBO or university propedeuse, bachelor, candidate, master, doctoral or postdoctoral (selectivity 266).


The FD Persoonlijk brand means high-end positioning, exudes Luxury and Lifestyle.


FD Persoonlijk reaches an exclusive audience: entrepreneurial individuals who have the financial freedom to pursue their desires and see the brand as a source of inspiration.

Luxury goods

FD Persoonlijk readers spend a greater than average amount on luxury goods (sel: 150).

The best things in life

The FD Persoonlijk readers have an above-average interest in fashion, cosmetics and personal care (sel: 113) and jewellery, watches and accessories (sel: 162).


FD readers are highly interested in wines (selectivity 152).

Food and beverages at home

Readers spend more money on food and beverages at home than their surroundings (sel: 128).

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