Better-informed professionals do better business. It is with this idea in mind that provides complete, reliable and up-to-date information, business news, and predictive insights about companies and their senior executives. has grown into the market leader in business information and news for professionals. transforms data to comprehensive and reliable information, offering news and predictive insights about companies and their senior executives for professionals.

With, every professional does successful business.

  • Sales and marketing: find new leads quickly, get insights into who your lead is exactly, and spot the best point of contact.
  • Finance and risk: assess business opportunities and risks more adequately, increase your financial understanding of specific companies, and comply with the financial regulations.
  • Operations and research: Optimise business processes by integrating business data info every system or application. Save time on company benchmarking and market research.

The power of

Know with whom you are doing business

Comprehensive business information and news about organisations and their senior executives.

Obtain a complete overview

Direct insight into sales opportunities and business risks.

Save time and money

Data available in real time: online, in your system or as a file.


company profiles


sources of business news


satisfied users


new CoC extracts


Data integrated into your system. Always have the right business information in your system, software or file.


Data through the online environment. In-depth business information and the latest business news in a single online environment.

Data on Demand

Business information as files created on demand.

Our data quality has increased significantly and we are saving lots of time compared to manual data copying.

Witlox Van Den Boomen

Thanks to, we are the first to be aware of developments at our customers, we make well-considered decisions, and do business successfully.


We can find information about our target group directly on Online, allowing sales to be well prepared for their work.


Thanks to Web Services, the credit standing of our customers is visible directly in our CRM.



Want to know exactly what is going on at your business relations, whenever it suits you? Realtime insight into sales opportunities and business risks at organisations with which you do business? Online grants direct access to the most complete, reliable and up-to-date information, business news and predictive insights about every company and its senior executives in the Netherlands.

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Would you like to optimise the quality of your business data in your CRM, ERP or on your website? Verify, enrich and update the data in your own system with Web Services.

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Would you like to tidy up or enrich the customer data in your CRM system? Create a file with leads based on your best customers? Find the UBOs for your business relations or perform a compliance check? With Data on Demand, you will receive business information compiled according to your specifications in a single file.

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