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FD & BNR Button

  • Dimensions: 300 x 50 pixels + 600 x 100 pixels (for retina)
  • Format: jpeg, png, gif or 3rd party code (HTML5 or redirection)

    Note: When using HTML5, please find our HTML5 technical specs here

    Note: All codes must be SSL compliant (use https, not http)

    Note: Flash is not supported

    Note: Please keep in mind our guidelines on the bottom of this page
  • Size: max 99 kb
  • Provide us: Target URL
  • Send to: 
  • Note: we do not allow tracking cookies

Guidelines for the best banner

  • Non-Animated creatives score 30% better in our network than animated creatives, we advise to use static images
  • Only when the banner has to contain a lot of information we advise to use animation
  • One short strong message is better than too much information
  • Always include a call-to-action

Analysing your campaign

  • We always measure impressions and clicks for your ad, and report this to you
  • If you want to measure clicks yourself, then please use a clicktracker or add UTM codes to your URL, a URL with UTM code can be generated in your analytics system. Traffic generated from ads on our network to your website will not indentify itself correctly in analytics systems when a standard URL is used, this is because the traffic technically comes from our adserver
  • If you want to measure impressions yourself, then please provide an impressions URL (tracking not allowed)
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